What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Part I


Light Switch

Event professionals often shine under pressure, but when an event must be planned in a matter of a few short weeks, a detail or two can occasionally get lost in the rush. When one of those details happens to be the date of the event, chaos can ensue.

Jill Lazar, a planner with Everything Events, recently had three weeks and a nearly nonexistent budget to pull off a publication’s awards show at a nightclub in Rhode Island.

“We had contracted a well-known lighting company, and they made an error and got the date wrong and thought it was the following day,” Lazar says. “When they were late, I got concerned and quickly called them.”

Once the error was realized, the lighting company showed up right away, with no time to spare in setting up. The onsite stage appeared to already have its own lighting system in place, and Lazar was most concerned with adding star-shaped red lights to create a focal point for individuals onstage.

“When the lighting company asked if we wanted them to spotlight the stage, due to time, I said we would just use the lights that were already there,” she says. “Well, it turned out that the lights on the stage didn’t work at all.”

The red stars directed onto the stage provided some lighting, but the comedian Lazar had hired remained unseen. Lazar acted quickly and asked another entertainment vendor who was onsite to shine a little light on the situation at the last minute.

“I am so lucky my other vendor had this light with him,” Lazar says. “Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to see anything. We pulled it off, and the event was a huge success. The event truly tested our ability to handle an event with limited funds and timeframe.”


May 15, 2009. 1.

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