Graduation Reflection

I thought I’d dedicate a post today in celebration of  my graduation.  I will be receiving an MBA in Marketing from Johnson & Wales University, and also received a bachelor’s in Event Mangement in 2006 . Growing up, education and I didn’t get along at all. However, my parents encouraged and never gave up on me, so today wouldn’t have been possible without them.I also dedicate today to my siblings David and Lori, who are highly educated and determined. David, the medical student, who couldn’t attend my graduation today, because he is starting his residency in Chicago. Lori, the soon-to-be dentist, is volunteering her time to care for patience in Nicaragua/Costa Rica who are in need of medical and dental attention. I am very proud of them for all of their accomplishment thus far. I look forward to the day when I call my brother and sister Dr. Lazar. It has a nice ring to it.  So is the tassle worth the hassle? From my personal experience, I say 100% yes. A great woman, my mom would always say to me “never settle”. In order to never settle, we must push and challenge ourselves, so that settling will not be possible. I am not saying that an MBA is the only way, but it will certainly be the “tipping point” (Thanks Professor Rossi). Education, however, is half the battle.   I always say, your education will get you in the door, but your experience, passion, and determination will get you the job. Currently, I am at a place in my life where each day I should knock on wood. I have a wonderful job,event planning business,a love for myself and my health, and mostly a supportive and loving family. I am a very lucky person. My journey has only just begun in this crazy game of life, and I am loving every minute of the ride.


May 21, 2009. 1.

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