My Capital Grille Experience

Last week, my family and I had dinner at the Capital Grille in Burlington,MA  to celebrate Me and David’s  4 year dating anniversary. Now, when you eat at any fine dining restaurant, you expect to have exceptional quality service,impressive cuisine,ambiance, because that’s what you pay for. The Capital Grille went over and beyond to make our evening everlasting. First, we were seated at a table, and the chairs weren’t very comfortable to both myself and my parents. So, they switched the chairs out right away and gave us more comfortable ones. Next, we were giving champagne to celebrate the anniversary  (4 years deserves a champagne toast). We ordered our steaks, and parents split a porterhouse. When the meal arrived, the server was trying to do a nice thing by cutting the steaks up and putting in on 2 plates. While it was a nice gesture, my parents split it, because one like the ny strip and the filet, but it wasnt serve that way. Regardless, they pulled out all the stops to fix the situtation. So much that the manager came over and brought shrimp cocktail while they waited for their steak. They truly went over and beyond to make the meal enjoyable despite the little mix up. In my experience, I dont often see restaurant managers respond so quickly and nurture the situation as this gentlemen did. He is exceptional at his job, and it truly showed that evening. After the meal, I ask my parents if she would come back, and she said “of course”. The point is mistake happen, especially in the hospitality industry. It isnt how we fall, but how quickly we pick ourselves back up. It’s important to know how to quickly resolve the issue even if it means giving something away for free. I can guarantee that is more managers were like this one, their would be happier customer and more sales And better yet, they will tell their friends about their experience. I would recommend the capital grille to anyone.


June 12, 2009. 1.

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