MPI SEC @ Eden Roc Aug 13th-15th

My experience at this year’s MPI SEC was anything but ordinary. Eden Roc was the perfect venue, and I truly enjoyed my stay. Conferences like MPI SEC, Agenda Boston, ISES World are essential for all event professionals. They bring industry peers together under one roof to provide an opportunity to network and build a close relationship ,unlike any typical sales call. This conference had to be the best by far, and I think the reason it was so successful, was the social events that were planned at LIV Night Club at the Fontainebleau Resort, SoCool Venue, and a rocking team building exercise with Marvelless Mark. I would have to say that the conference was trumped; however, by the 8 year old pianst,composer,and powerhouse, Ethan Bortnick. He is a true prodigy, and I was blown away by his stage presence and his ability to entertain at such a young age. Here is his website. If you ever want to wow your attendees, this is the entertainment for your event.

Here is just a few of the speakers that truly left a lasting impression at the MPI SEC.

Don Reynolds, Keynote Speaker, Opening General Session / Real World Economist, Futurist
Don was able to explain to us how we got into this economic mess, and gave us hope that things are starting to turn around. He was funny,informative,and made economic easy and entertaining.

Simon T. Bailey, Keynote Speaker, Author, Founder of Brillance Institute
Sustaining Brilliance in Times of Change

Michelle Villalobos, President / Mivista, Inc.
Recession Proof Your Career

Elizabeth Henderson CMM, CMP, M.E. Des. Director of Corporate Social Responsibility / MPI
Corporate Social Responsibility; Shaping Events of the Future

Dennis Frare, Disney Institute Leadership Program
Leading Through Turbulent Times

Marvelless Mark


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Everything Events Sponsors Advertising Experience that Gives Back to Community

Providence, RI – July 15, 2009 – Everything Events, an event planning company based in Providence, RI, has connected four local nonprofit organizations with Johnson & Wales University (JWU) students for a creative advertising experience that gives back to the local community. 
The company traded their services in planning the Providence Phoenix “Best of 2009” event earlier in the year for advertising space in the newspaper.  This space has since been donated in equal parts to Rhode Islanders Sponsoring Education (RISE), the Ronald McDonald House of Providence, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, and March of Dimes Rhode Island. 
“When the Providence Phoenix traded us advertising space for doing something we love – planning events, it opened up a new way for us to give back,” said Allie Crowder-Schaefer, co-owner of Everything Events. “We reached out to nonprofits that we felt could really benefit from an advertising boost this year.  Building these relationships is good for the community and good for business.”
This is the first time that some of the nonprofits have ever had a promotional advertisement run about their organization. 
“RISE plans to use the space to recruit volunteer mentors – a critical need for the children we serve,” said Jennifer Shimkus, executive director of RISE. “As a nonprofit, we don’t have advertising or design budget.  Without Everything Events, we would never be able to access the Providence Phoenix as a vehicle to promote the RISE program.”
Everything Events has also partnered with JWU Professor Thomas Rossi, who teaches a course called “Advertising and Promotional Strategies” for graduate level advertising students.  While the class has always involved designing original advertising copy, this is the first time that the assignment is for real clients, the non-profits, with the end results running in a real publication.
The students are designing three unique advertising concepts that effectively combine the needs of each nonprofit with the targeted audience of the Providence Phoenix readers.  The final step is to pitch the designs to their clients and Everything Events, who is serving as an additional resource for the assignment.
“Even during these economic times, small businesses can be creative about using what’s at our fingertips to continue giving back,” said Everything Events’ co-owner Jill Lazar. “This project allowed us to bring a learning opportunity to students, unexpected publicity to four important nonprofits, and ultimately build a stronger sense of community between everyone involved.”
Everything Events ( is a full-service event planning company serving the New England area.  It is committed to helping each client create an exceptional event by providing the highest level of service.  Planners combine fresh and innovative ideas with years of experience, reflecting current trends while staying true to the classics of event planning.

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The rehearsal dinner…fresh tips for in-law harmony

Here is a great article that Allie and I put our 2 cents in. Enjoy!

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My Capital Grille Experience

Last week, my family and I had dinner at the Capital Grille in Burlington,MA  to celebrate Me and David’s  4 year dating anniversary. Now, when you eat at any fine dining restaurant, you expect to have exceptional quality service,impressive cuisine,ambiance, because that’s what you pay for. The Capital Grille went over and beyond to make our evening everlasting. First, we were seated at a table, and the chairs weren’t very comfortable to both myself and my parents. So, they switched the chairs out right away and gave us more comfortable ones. Next, we were giving champagne to celebrate the anniversary  (4 years deserves a champagne toast). We ordered our steaks, and parents split a porterhouse. When the meal arrived, the server was trying to do a nice thing by cutting the steaks up and putting in on 2 plates. While it was a nice gesture, my parents split it, because one like the ny strip and the filet, but it wasnt serve that way. Regardless, they pulled out all the stops to fix the situtation. So much that the manager came over and brought shrimp cocktail while they waited for their steak. They truly went over and beyond to make the meal enjoyable despite the little mix up. In my experience, I dont often see restaurant managers respond so quickly and nurture the situation as this gentlemen did. He is exceptional at his job, and it truly showed that evening. After the meal, I ask my parents if she would come back, and she said “of course”. The point is mistake happen, especially in the hospitality industry. It isnt how we fall, but how quickly we pick ourselves back up. It’s important to know how to quickly resolve the issue even if it means giving something away for free. I can guarantee that is more managers were like this one, their would be happier customer and more sales And better yet, they will tell their friends about their experience. I would recommend the capital grille to anyone.

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Welcome to the Fold- Daily Hot Ideas

Here are some incredible hot ideas from M&C online. I was able to provide a tip about creative napkin folds , which adds something unique to any event. There are many ways to enhance an event without breaking the bank. One tip I suggest is by utilizing items that the venue already has, or purchase items that can be used over again.  to see the full tip about creative folded napkins.

Creatively folded napkins will not only boost a banquet’s visual impact, they can help strengthen a theme, according to Jill Lazar, a principal of Everything Events, based in Providence, R.I. (401-868-4498; For those with time and patience, go online to learn how to fold anything from a boat for a nautical theme to a bird of paradise for a tropical dinner. For everyone else, ask your catering manager to do something out of the ordinary — even a small flower tucked into a fold can make a big difference.

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Meetings in a Minute Video- Thats Me!

This is a video of me sharing a tip of utilizing restaurant private dining space as a way of cutting a budget. Ruth Chris in Providence is one of my top places for private dining. They offer 2 large spaces that hold up to 40-50 people,which have 2 flat screen tvs for meeting presentations.  What makes them stand alone is their free valet parking, which is very helpful in downtown Providence. Service is incredible,and wonderful food selection. Enjoy the video!

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Everything Events featured in Providence Business News

Everything Events is featured in Providence Business News today, May 27th 2009. Please enjoy the story of our thrilling journey! Enjoy the ride with us….

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Graduation Reflection

I thought I’d dedicate a post today in celebration of  my graduation.  I will be receiving an MBA in Marketing from Johnson & Wales University, and also received a bachelor’s in Event Mangement in 2006 . Growing up, education and I didn’t get along at all. However, my parents encouraged and never gave up on me, so today wouldn’t have been possible without them.I also dedicate today to my siblings David and Lori, who are highly educated and determined. David, the medical student, who couldn’t attend my graduation today, because he is starting his residency in Chicago. Lori, the soon-to-be dentist, is volunteering her time to care for patience in Nicaragua/Costa Rica who are in need of medical and dental attention. I am very proud of them for all of their accomplishment thus far. I look forward to the day when I call my brother and sister Dr. Lazar. It has a nice ring to it.  So is the tassle worth the hassle? From my personal experience, I say 100% yes. A great woman, my mom would always say to me “never settle”. In order to never settle, we must push and challenge ourselves, so that settling will not be possible. I am not saying that an MBA is the only way, but it will certainly be the “tipping point” (Thanks Professor Rossi). Education, however, is half the battle.   I always say, your education will get you in the door, but your experience, passion, and determination will get you the job. Currently, I am at a place in my life where each day I should knock on wood. I have a wonderful job,event planning business,a love for myself and my health, and mostly a supportive and loving family. I am a very lucky person. My journey has only just begun in this crazy game of life, and I am loving every minute of the ride.

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Everything Events will be featured in Providence Business News

Allie and I will be featured in Providence Business News next week. The featured article, “An adrenaline rush to profit from”, will highlight our business since our beginnings in 2007. Here is a brief summary of the article and the picture which is featured in this week’s PBN. We truly enjoy providence business news, and appreciate the opportunity to be featured in such a reputable publication.

Click here to see the  picture:  PBN news

For Jill Lazar and Allie Crowder-Schaefer, owners of Providence-based Everything Events, the flow of adrenaline from throwing a party is addictive – finding the right location, getting the right entertainment, working out the logistics. “I get such a rush,” says Lazar, who teamed up with Crowder-Schaefer in 2007 to launch their events-planning business. So far, they have been successful at assembling corporate gatherings and showcase expos that they say are one of kind, but haven’t broken the bank.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Part I

Light Switch

Event professionals often shine under pressure, but when an event must be planned in a matter of a few short weeks, a detail or two can occasionally get lost in the rush. When one of those details happens to be the date of the event, chaos can ensue.

Jill Lazar, a planner with Everything Events, recently had three weeks and a nearly nonexistent budget to pull off a publication’s awards show at a nightclub in Rhode Island.

“We had contracted a well-known lighting company, and they made an error and got the date wrong and thought it was the following day,” Lazar says. “When they were late, I got concerned and quickly called them.”

Once the error was realized, the lighting company showed up right away, with no time to spare in setting up. The onsite stage appeared to already have its own lighting system in place, and Lazar was most concerned with adding star-shaped red lights to create a focal point for individuals onstage.

“When the lighting company asked if we wanted them to spotlight the stage, due to time, I said we would just use the lights that were already there,” she says. “Well, it turned out that the lights on the stage didn’t work at all.”

The red stars directed onto the stage provided some lighting, but the comedian Lazar had hired remained unseen. Lazar acted quickly and asked another entertainment vendor who was onsite to shine a little light on the situation at the last minute.

“I am so lucky my other vendor had this light with him,” Lazar says. “Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to see anything. We pulled it off, and the event was a huge success. The event truly tested our ability to handle an event with limited funds and timeframe.”

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